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Sydney Instagram Diary

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have noticed that I’ve spent the past couple of days in Sydney. With fairly limited time, I basically ended up doing the Instagram tour of Sydney. I flew in on Friday to rainy weather and spent the afternoon hanging out in cafes before meeting up with friends for dinner. Thankfully I woke up to blue skies on Saturday and spent the morning sweating it out on the Bondi to Bronte walk, eating brunch at Bondi Wholefoods, and checking out the Bondi Farmers Markets. After a fairly healthy morning it all went downhill from there with a visit to Aqua S and a night of drinking and delicious food at a friend’s engagement party. Sunday morning was spent at The Grounds of Alexandria before heading to Pana Chocolate for some raw chocolate treats. In amongst all of this I also managed to check out the shopping, visit a few art galleries, and of course stop by the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I also took a bunch of film photos which I’ll hopefully post up here shortly.
1. The classic Bondi Icebergs shot
2. Sea salt ice cream with sweet popcorn from Aqua S
3. Flowers at The Grounds of Alexandria
4. More cuteness at The Grounds of Alexandria
5. Coffee from The Paramount Coffee Project (which was conveniently so close to where I was staying)
6. It’s Such a Thin Line Between Clever and Stupid by Aleks Danko at the Museum of Contemporary Art

You can see a few more photos from the trip over on my Instagram.

Shoot: Indonesian Instagram Diary

Hello again! I mentioned in my last post – some 3 weeks ago – that I was off to Indonesia for a holiday of sorts. I was visiting family so was largely based in Bandung. While I had intended to update the blog with travel posts while overseas, the internet situation was much worse than I had anticipated. I was mainly limited to mobile internet – namely Instagram and Snapchat. Plus, who really wants to be sitting at a computer when on holiday? Now I’ve just got to sort through and edit a tonne of photos while also recovering from a stupid post-holiday cold. I’ll be back with photo diaries and travelling tidbits in the coming days but in them meantime these are just a few of my favourite shots that you may or may not have already seen over on my Instagram

Shoot: Instagram Diaries


Sometimes time gets away from me and I forget to blog. This is a little round of of what I’ve been doing lately, as told through Instagram, i.e. basically spending all my money on magazines and food.
1. I saw the The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend. I watched an interview once where Wes Anderson was discussing how his films never really have a bad guy, more flawed characters, but he wanted to make one with a defined villain in the future. I’m guessing this was that film.
2. I couldn’t resist buying these issues of Real Living and Inside Out magazines. The covers were just too good to pass up. They’ve definitely helped fuel my current homewares obsession.
3. Autumn is slowly beginning to show itself so I’ve finally been able to wear this ASOS denim shirt that I bought last year. I do love a good denim shirt.
4. I managed to walk away without buying any cactus this time, which was out of character. I mean, look at those little guys!
5. You guys, this blueberry bagel I had at The Gunshop Cafe was probably one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. And that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t do sweet breakfasts.
6. Also, this flourless chocolate cake from Little Pawpaw was pretty delicious. You can’t really go wrong with chocolate cake.

instagram diaries: october

1. Always buying cacti. I limited myself to a red and pink one but think I’ll have to go back for yellow.
2. Never not wearing my leopard print Gorman tee these days.
3. How to decorate a wire fence à la Depo.
4. A much needed coffee after enduring what can only be described as the longest neighbourhood party ever.
5. Pastel skies never go out of fashion.
6. The sights you see around West End. There’s always a bit something left of centre.

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bite-sized brisbane

If you follow me in Instagram, you’ll know that I’m occasionally prone to posting pictures of meals. I’m still awkward about whipping out my phone to take a quick snap (I don’t know how food bloggers do it, seriously) but every now and then I’ll make the effort just for fun. So I thought I’d compile a list of places that I frequent in Brisbane, as told by Instagram. Plus a few more that aren’t pictured but deserve a mention anyway.


1. Alfredo’s Pizzeria in Fortitude Valley. Dedicated pizza joint. One of the pizzas is called “the pizza formerly known as Prince”. That right there should have you convinced that this place is worth a visit. Also check out The Burrow in West End to satisfy your pizza cravings.
2. Alfred & Constance in Fortitude Valley. Right next door to Alfredo’s. Good for drinks and food but can get busy at night. I prefer going during the day on weekends and leaving before it gets too hectic.
3. Alfred & Constance again. I discovered the dessert menu. Hello calories.
4. Campos Coffee in Fortitude Valley. For all of the coffee things, basically. And food (I’m a frequent bruncher). Expect a queue during peak times.
5. Campos again. Also, juices!
6. Mondo Organics in West End. If you haven’t guessed from their name, organic ingredients is their schtick. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner but be sure to check opening times as they vary throughout the week.
7. Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe. Part cafe/part grocer. Great for coffees and quick eats, as well as fresh produce and gourmet goods.
8. Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria, found in numerous locations. This is probably the closest I get to eating fast food these days. But it’s the best kind. Also, frozen margaritas and sangria!
9. Hoo Ha Bar in South Brisbane. A chilled out cafe/bar. Great for coffee and snacks during the day (and salted caramel milkshakes, ahem) and drinks at night.

And a few favourites that aren’t pictured here but still deserve a mention:
– The Gun Shop cafe in West End. It’s a Brisbane institution. I don’t think they’ve ever let me down. Be prepared to queue in the mornings for breakfast. But they do take bookings for dinner.
– Pearl Cafe in Woolloongabba. Good coffee and good food. That’s about all you need to know.
– The Davies Park Markets in West End. Takes place on Saturday mornings and is a great way to start the weekend. Grab breakfast from one of the food stalls and pick up your groceries for the week ahead. Although if you hate crowds then you should probably avoid it.
– At Sixes and Sevens in Fortitude Valley. Bar/restaurant. Chilled set-up, plus excellent use of an astro turf lawn.
– Piaf at Southbank. I usually steer clear of restaurants on Grey St but Piaf is an exception.
– Mizu in Teneriffe and West End. Simple set-up but great Japanese food.
Harajuku Gyoza in Fortitude Valley. Long after the hype, I still love it. Probably the happiest place in Brisbane.
– The Bowery in Fortitude Valley. Always, forever, for cocktails.

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