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Skincare Products I’m Using This Winter

My Winter Skincare Products
I’ve finally emerged from my winter blogging hibernation. Long story short, I decided to move my blog over to self-hosted WordPress. By the time that whole shebang was sorted the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on blogging. Anyway, now that’s all sorted (for the most part) I thought it would be nice to ease back into things with a little round up of skincare products I’ve been religiously using over winter. Not that we experience drastic temperature extremes here in Queensland that would affect my skin that much. But I do tend to pay a little more attention to my skin in the drier winter months. I’m also more open to adding ‘richer’ products like oils and serums to my skincare routine. These are the skincare products I’m loving lately.

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My 5 Everyday Makeup Essentials

When it comes to makeup I’m always trying out different brands in search of ~the best~ products. As such, I haven’t always had a set beauty routine or holy grail products that I’d happily rave about. Until now. I love having a sticky beak into other people’s beauty kits and makeup routines so I thought it was only right that I offer up the same opportunity. I don’t like my makeup to feel too heavy so some of the main criteria products have to pass is that they’re lightweight and easy to use. A few of these products I’ve only started using in the past couple of months but I’ve already decided that they’re here to stay. These are the products that I find myself using on the daily.

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A Look at Physical Sunscreens

Wear sunscreen. If there ever was a piece of beauty/skincare advice that needed to be reiterated, this is it. Especially so if you live in Australia a.k.a. skin cancer ground zero. Not all sunscreens are created equal, however, and since learning about the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens I’ve made a point to stick to physical sunscreens wherever possible. That said, my personal view is that any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen at all.

When it comes to physical and chemical sunscreens there are some very noteworthy differences. Physical sunscreens contain mineral ingredients and sit on top of the skin to deflect UV rays. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, work by absorbing and scattering UV rays. Physical sunscreens also generally have a much thicker consistency than chemical sunscreens and require more effort to blend in. For more of an in-depth explainer I suggest reading this
You’ll probably notice that a lot of physical sunscreens are also labelled as ‘natural’ sunscreens. I’m very wary of greenwashing and if you want to verify a product’s natural or organic claims it’s best to do your research. I’m assuming since most physical sunscreens contain mineral instead of chemical ingredients that this equates to them being natural. Up until a few years ago, the range of physical sunscreens was quite limited in Australia. Compared to the range of chemical sunscreens, it still is, but these days physical sunscreens are becoming more readily available. These are a few that I’m currently using, and my thoughts on each product.

Cost: $19.99 for 75g or $32.00 for 150g (I usually buy a few when they’re half price/on sale)
Where to buy: most supermarkets and pharmacies
Invisible Zinc is one of the more recognisable physical sunscreen brands around. In the past I’ve used the SPF30+ but decided to give the SPF50 a go this time around. It has that classic zinc/sunscreen smell which I don’t mind but it might not be to everyone’s taste. Like most physical sunscreens, it does require a bit of effort to blend in. I prefer wearing this sunscreen as a base under my makeup (tinted moisture or a BB cream, concealer, blush)  as it gives a matte effect and my makeup tends to stay put when I wear it. Perfect for sweaty summer days. I find that it tends to leave a residue behind, so I have to be extra vigilant removing it otherwise my skin can feel chalky afterwards.
Cost: $19.90 for 100g or $34.50 for 200g
Where to buy: online and selected pharmacies and health stores
If you prefer your sunscreen without that classic sunscreen smell then MooGoo’s natural sunscreen is worth a try. The fragrance is very mild and kind of oat-y/reminds me of almond milk. It applies relatively easily and doesn’t leave a noticeable chalky residue. I like to apply this sunscreen to my body and my face when I don’t intend on wearing any makeup (I have, however, worn it underneath makeup and it was fine). The SPF40 is a bit unusual as I’m used to seeing sunscreens labelled as SPF30+ or 50 but generally anything above SPF30 is good (see this explainer on SPF).
Cost: $15.95 for 100g
Where to buy: online and selected pharmacies
I hadn’t previously heard of this brand but spotted it in a pharmacy while I was doing a last minute grab for beach supplies. This sunscreen is probably my least favourite of the three. It has a lighter consistency and is much easier to apply than the other two, however, I found that on occasion white flecks would appear on my skin while swimming or sweating. The first time it happened I thought I didn’t leave enough time between application and activities but it’s happened a few times now. I also tried wearing this sunscreen under makeup and felt that my makeup slid off. While it’s an effective enough sunscreen, I feel that there are others that are much more up to the task.
The Verdict
First and foremost: all three sunscreens do their job. Sure, their SPFs differ but each product has the highest SPF rating for their respective brands. I’ve worn them in a range of situations from the beach to exercising to general everyday activity and have not been sunburnt once. That said, I do take care to stay out of the sun and cover up where I can. I personally prefer the Invisible Zinc and MooGoo sunscreens and will stick to using a combination of these products for the time being. Other physical sunscreens I’m keen to check out include those by Wotnot, and Coola.
Do you use physical or chemical sunscreens? Which do you prefer?

Disclaimer: the Moo Goo sunscreen was a free sample however all opinions and content are my own.

Kester Black’s Birthday Suit Collection

Hands up if you love a nude nail polish? Hands up if you’re also not quite sure what colour “nude” is? Luckily we have Kester Black to the rescue who, in collaboration with Trophy Wife, have recently released their Birthday Suit collection of nail polishes. Designed to complement a range of skin tones, the neutral palette spans a spectrum of nudes from light crèmes to rich chocolate tones. In true Kester Black fashion, the six colours have cheekily been named Brazilian, Spray Tan, Solarium, Bronzer, Bare, and In The Buff. The collection is also accompanied by some stellar campaign imagery photographed by Sean Fennessy and styled by Jess Lillico. Hands up if you can’t wait to get your hands on one (or more) of these sweet nail polish shades?

The Birthday Suit collection is available now online and from selected stockists. 

[Images supplied, collage edits by me]


Save Or Splurge: Hand Cream

Thankyou Vs. Aesop Hand Cream
When it comes to skincare and beauty products, it’s always a tussle between whether to save on an item or splurge for a little bit of luxury. While there’s always the saying you get what you pay for, you also want to be getting value for money. A lot of time you read about how when it comes to active ingredients there’s not much of a difference between products and that a lot of what you pay for lies in the brand name or packaging. I’m not particularly loyal to any brands so am always on the lookout for new items to try. Due to the drier weather recently hand cream has been a must so I was keen to see how the new Thankyou Botanical Geranium & Rosewood hand cream stacked up up against my favourite Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm. 

Thankyou Vs. Aesop Hand Cream
Thankyou Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Hand Cream
I’ve been using Thankyou hand wash for some time now and they’ve recently expanded their product range to include body lotions and hand creams, among other things. I couldn’t resist the pink packaging when I saw this hand cream at the supermarket. It has a very sweet fragrance which immediately reminded me of those pink musk Life Saver lollies. I’m not sure whether this is a pro or a con yet as I don’t usually opt for sweet smelling things. It is pleasant enough though and doesn’t linger too much.

Price: Price: $6.45 for a 70ml tube.

Pros: The feel good factor, definitely. Thankyou is a social enterprise that aims to end the effects of global poverty – you can read about their 100% model on their website – and each product comes with a tracker ID so you can see what project your product has helped fund. As for the hand cream itself, it is vegan friendly and made in Australia from ingredients derived from nature. I also like the packaging and prefer this kind of tube over the Aesop one. It’s definitely better suited for stashing away in your handbag.

Cons: Due to the lightweight formula I find myself having to reapply it often. It’s pretty easy to go through the tube quickly. I think at the moment it’s only available in selected supermarkets in Australia.
Thankyou Vs. Aesop Hand Cream
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm
This hand balm is like the gateway Aesop product. You buy it because it smells nice and is reasonably priced (relatively speaking) and then next thing you know you’re dropping hundreds on a new skincare routine. I’ve been buying it for the past couple of years now and the last time I bought it as part of the Aesop Auriga set which is super lush.

Price: $31 for a 75ml tube or $39 for a 120ml tub.  I don’t use it every day, only when the weather is particularly drying, so I find that a 75ml tube can last me a year at least.

Pros: The smell. Oh the smell. I personally love the smell of most of the Aesop range but I know that it may not be to everyone’s liking. I will also use any excuse to go into an Aesop store (I find them so calming) to try to get as many sachet samples with my purchase as possible (highest so far is ten). Plus this stuff is the business.

Cons: Aside from the price, the only downside to this product is the aluminium tube which I find is prone to tearing and leaking, especially when you’re crinkling it up trying to squeeze out every last bit of balm. 

Thankyou Vs. Aesop Hand Cream
The Verdict
It’s much of a muchness really. The Aesop hand balm is definitely on the pricier side but it’s a little treat that I’ll continue to buy for myself. It does feel more intensive than the Thankyou hand cream so I find myself using less of it. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this Thankyou hand cream any time soon but I might chuck their Botanical Rosehip & Sweet Orange one into my basket next time I’m at the supermarket for comparison purposes. In the meantime I’ll keep road testing more affordable hand creams in conjunction with using the Aesop balm.

Do you have any tried and tested favourite hand creams? Any and all recommendations are welcome in the comments.

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