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instagram diaries: art and other things

1. New issue of frankie magazine = good day.
2. Off to GoMA to check out the Contemporary Australia: Women exhibition. ‘Kisses $2‘ by Brown Council.
3. Close up of Hiromi Tango’s ‘X chromosome‘ sculpture (I spied Peter Rabbit in amongst it all!)
4. ‘Untitled Cascade 2012′ by Rebecca Baumann.
5. Mocha in my favourite mug.
6. Making the most of the last bits of summery weather by wearing a blindingly bright skirt.

we miss you magic land!

Last post of the year! And a very bright and cheerful one at that. Yesterday a few of my friends and I headed to the Gallery of Modern Art to check out some of their latest exhibits. These snaps were taken in the ‘we miss you magic land!‘ exhibit by Pip & Pop – a magical world of sugary sweet delights and kaleidoscopic colours. This exhibition is actually in the kid’s section but it can definitely be enjoyed by all ages. My inner five year old was going nuts. We also visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibition (once again, brilliantly colourful!) and made a note to come back to see the Matisse exhibition in the new year. Speaking of which, wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year. Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog in 2011 and see you all in 2012!
Photos taken on iPhone 4 and edited in Photoshop

21st century: art in the first decade

I Never Stoppped Loving YouUntitled-Scanned-09
More photos from my visit to the Gallery of Modern Art. The first photo is of a piece called I Never Stopped Loving You by Tracy Emin, and I can’t remember who the second artwork is by but I am on a mission to find out (ETA it is The Light at Lascaux (Cave Entrance) by Spencer Finch). I only had a few frames left on my roll of film so didn’t end up taking many photos of the exhibition. Fittingly, most of the ones I did take were of light installations and could easily be grouped together in this post. If you want to see more photos of the exhibition, I recommend checking out the 21st Century Blog by GoMA.
Also, have you said hi to me on twitter yet? It’s doing my head in but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it!

wearing: anoraks in art galleries

So the lighting isn’t the best, and you can’t really see the details of my outfit, but who cares because there is a GIANT MULTICOLOURED HANGING SCULPTURE behind me. This is just a snippet from my day at the ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade‘ exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. It was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Although I might make a note of coming back during school hours so I don’t have to fight with kids to do cool stuff like play in the room full of balloons (!!!) and ride down giant slides. Yes, a slippery slide in the middle of an art gallery. Who would’ve thought eh? More photos to come!