What I Saw: The Chaos, Colour, and Calm in Indonesia

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Well, I’ve been meaning to write lots of posts for some time now but whenever I seemed to get around to it something else would grab my attention or life got in the way. Throw in an existential blogging crisis of sorts – was it really worth creating more content for an already oversaturated market? – and then next thing you know it’s been nearly a full year since I last wrote a blog post. So I’m getting back into blogging with these photos from my trip to Indonesia last year. A few days in Bali and a few weeks in Bandung to visit family. While I didn’t get up to many touristy things this time around, I did soak up the colour, chaos, and pockets of calm of everyday life in South-East Asia.

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Ringing in the New Year in Sydney

Bronte Ocean Baths, Sydney

Each time I visit Sydney, all my activities mostly revolve around the same things: art, beaches, and food. Ringing in the New Year in Sydney is no exception, apart from maybe a few bonus fireworks being thrown into the mix. Despite an 11 hour road trip each way ( because that’s what happens when you leave your travel plans to the last minute) a short stay in Sydney was just what I needed to start the New Year afresh.

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