A Posy Full of Natives

Native flowers will always hold a special place in my botanical-loving heart. As much as I love a bunch of fragrant peonies or David Austin roses, there’s a quiet majesty in native Australian flowers. I may not get patriotic about a lot of things, but I’ll bloody well get patriotic about native Australian flora. While I’d like to say that I artfully created this arrangement, the truth of the matter is I picked it up from Coles on a whim. Who could resist the autumnal combination of the warm red protea (yes I do know that proteas are also South African), golden banksias, and silvery green eucalyptus? For #research purposes I tried to figure out exactly what kind of banksias these were. I narrowed it down to either the acorn banksia or woolly orange banksia but couldn’t differentiate between the two, so we’re just going to stick with a generalised banksia for now. Trying to name the greenery was beyond me as well and I could only pick out assorted eucalyptus and gum leaves. I also played around with my macro lens for my iPhone which resulted in some pretty trippy shots, which you can check out below and on VSCO.



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