Magnetic Island Photo Diary

A trip to Townsville isn’t complete without making your way over to Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is right on Townsville’s doorstep and is a short boat ride away – so convenient! A return trip on the ferry is around $30 and there are trips to and from the island almost hourly. Once you arrive you can explore the island by bus ($7 for an all day ticket) or hire a car if you’d prefer to go at your own pace. There’s also the option to take your own car over on the barge but you have to book early to secure a spot. There are so many coves and walking tracks to explore that you really need a whole weekend or more to explore Magnetic Island thoroughly. I only ended up visiting Horseshoe Bay which is the main tourist/business strip, and Alma Bay in Arcadia which was a nice semi-secluded spot for an afternoon dip. I also got to finally test out my Lifeproof iPhone case, and after briefly losing my phone in the waters of Horseshoe Bay (oops) I can 100% confirm that they are in fact waterproof and protect your phone.

^ From where I float.

^ Because sometimes you’ve just got to interrupt a relaxing afternoon with some high-speed silliness.

^ How cute are these cars? They remind me of Barbie cars.


  1. Paprika August 27, 2015

    These photos are beautiful! And being pulled along by a speedboat looks like so much fun xx

  2. Nomad Notebook August 28, 2015

    Such good photos- it looks so fun and surprisingly cheaper than I would have thought! Will have to consider going next time I need a break 🙂

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

    • soph // and other things September 3, 2015

      It's a pretty reasonable amount for a day trip! Not sure what accommodation prices on the island are like though.

  3. Matthew Pike September 1, 2015

    Wonder why it's called that? The high speed action looks ace.

    Buckets & Spades

    • soph // and other things September 3, 2015

      Apparently (according to wiki) Captain Cook thought it had a magnetic effect on his ship's compass. The island also has some pretty cool named areas like Radical Bay and Arcadia.


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