Cotton Ink

Australia is often referred to as multicultural but I’m the first to admit that as someone who is Eurasian, I had a fairly Anglo upbringing. Despite being born in Indonesia and having a large Indonesian family, I’m fairly out of the loop when it comes to modern Indonesian culture. While I’ve always identified as being Australian, cultural identity is such a multifaceted topic and one that I could only begin to scratch the surface of in a brief blog post. And since I’m here mainly to talk #fashun, I’ll leave the thoughts on self-identity and culture for another day. On my last trip to Indonesia I not only had to navigate the massive changes in both infrastructure and culture but also this new Indonesia I was experiencing as an adult, not a child. Luckily I had my ever helpful cousins to guide me (turns out hipster culture has permeated most corners of the globe). Since then I’ve been taking note of any interesting Indonesian brands, stores, and places to check out on my next visit. One such brand is COTTON INK, which I came across on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to their aesthetic – casual tailored pieces mixed with geometric patterns and traditional batik fabrics. I’ve been eyeing off their blue batik tops but unluckily for me, they’re all sold out online.


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