LP33.3 AW2014

LP33.3 is an Australian collaboration between designers Luke Hosking and Paul del Giglio. Their AW2014 collection is called ‘Beyond the Infinite’ and is based on baroque and space-age modernism. The collection features a palette of subdued colours that take inspiration from metals such as manganese pink and celestrium silver. It’s not all pretty frocks either, with moonscape-like tactile surfaces, melding protective coatings, and insulative padded techniques all part of the innovative fabrication process. The overall aesthetic is one that mixes sophisticated tailoring with grunge styling. The collection hits stores next month and you can shop it online at the LP33.3 website.

[Images supplied]


  1. Diana Campbell January 20, 2014

    Oh wow. I was really interested to see what these guys did next after being bowled over by this dress a while back: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/50313720809784637/ Loving the futuristic vibe.

  2. Eleanor January 20, 2014

    stunning!! love that dusty grey-pink shade. xx

  3. she. January 20, 2014

    Pretty, I love the last look, that vest is perfect.


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