What I Saw: The Chaos, Colour, and Calm in Indonesia

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Well, I’ve been meaning to write lots of posts for some time now but whenever I seemed to get around to it something else would grab my attention or life got in the way. Throw in an existential blogging crisis of sorts – was it really worth creating more content for an already oversaturated market? – and then next thing you know it’s been nearly a full year since I last wrote a blog post. So I’m getting back into blogging with these photos from my trip to Indonesia last year. A few days in Bali and a few weeks in Bandung to visit family. While I didn’t get up to many touristy things this time around, I did soak up the colour, chaos, and pockets of calm of everyday life in South-East Asia.

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In Bed AW2018 Ross Farm Campaign

Does sleeping count as a hobby? If not, it should because it would be a hobby that I would undoubtedly excel in. The AW2018 campaign by In Bed, shot at Ross Farm, is my idea of sleepy heaven. It’s all muted neutrals and soft golden light that evokes a feeling of languid weekend mornings. Side note – did anyone else hear about the study that apparently suggested that sleeping in on weekends might help you live longer? To cut a long story short – the headlines being thrown around were a lot more click-baity than the research suggested (i.e. it’s all about balance). Anyway, In Bed’s latest collection comprises of products that not only cover the scope of bedding but dining, bathing, and living as well. So you can incorporate these comforting textiles into all aspects of your life. Snoozing has never looked so good. 

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Kester Black Mardi Gras Nail Polish

I was looking in my nail polish drawer the other day (yes, I have a whole drawer full of nail polishes) and came to the conclusion that my favourite categories of nail polish were “glitter” and “purple”. Kester Black’s recent Mardi Gras collection fell into both categories and I am, frankly, here for it. Inspired by the classic Australian film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the nail polishes are aptly named Priscilla and To Wong Foo. The glittery magenta Priscilla just screams “hello, I’m here to PARTY” and the ultraviolet To Wong Foo is a super stylish way to jump on board the Pantone Colour of the Year bandwagon.

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Ringing in the New Year in Sydney

Bronte Ocean Baths, Sydney

Each time I visit Sydney, all my activities mostly revolve around the same things: art, beaches, and food. Ringing in the New Year in Sydney is no exception, apart from maybe a few bonus fireworks being thrown into the mix. Despite an 11 hour road trip each way ( because that’s what happens when you leave your travel plans to the last minute) a short stay in Sydney was just what I needed to start the New Year afresh.

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Something Beginning With

I am definitely in the “furniture and homewares” phase of my life right now. Fashion and makeup aren’t particularly exciting to me (skincare, however, is another matter) but a well designed something-or-other for the home? Givvus. Melbourne-based Something Beginning With make the kind of furniture that I’d like to kit out my home with – refreshingly minimal designs in considered colour palettes. Created in 2011 by founders Lisa Vincintorio and Laelie Berzon, the¬†SBW¬†design studio designs and manufactures almost its entire range in Melbourne. Their 2017 campaign images are pure eye candy.

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