Something Beginning With

I am definitely in the “furniture and homewares” phase of my life right now. Fashion and makeup aren’t particularly exciting to me (skincare, however, is another matter) but a well designed something-or-other for the home? Givvus. Melbourne-based Something Beginning With make the kind of furniture that I’d like to kit out my home with – refreshingly minimal designs in considered colour palettes. Created in 2011 by founders Lisa Vincintorio and Laelie Berzon, the¬†SBW¬†design studio designs and manufactures almost its entire range in Melbourne. Their 2017 campaign images are pure eye candy.

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Skincare Products I’m Using This Winter

My Winter Skincare Products
I’ve finally emerged from my winter blogging hibernation. Long story short, I decided to move my blog over to self-hosted WordPress. By the time that whole shebang was sorted the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on blogging. Anyway, now that’s all sorted (for the most part) I thought it would be nice to ease back into things with a little round up of skincare products I’ve been religiously using over winter. Not that we experience drastic temperature extremes here in Queensland that would affect my skin that much. But I do tend to pay a little more attention to my skin in the drier winter months. I’m also more open to adding ‘richer’ products like oils and serums to my skincare routine. These are the skincare products I’m loving lately.

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Inspired by: Vintage Tennis Illustrations

I found myself in a deep dive of vintage tennis illustrations the other day. With Wimbledon wrapping up I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favourites. Let me tell you – I ¬†bloody love Wimbledon. Moreso than any other tennis event. I used to love watching it on TV and when I finally got to go on my UK trip a few years ago it sealed the deal. The flower arrangements everywhere! The officials in blazers! Pimm’s on tap! Strawberries and cream for everyone! It’s definitely my kind of sporting event. Although watching it televised live from the other side of the world is not doing my already fraught sleeping habits any favours. Only one more night to go!

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I Spy: Forest Green Decor

Ever since I visited the Pop & Scott x Pampa showroom in Byron Bay earlier this year, more specifically after I spied this lush green velvet sofa, I’ve been obsessed with dark green decor. And it’s not just me. I’ve noticed a big shift towards this colour. I mean, it makes sense since the colour of the year is ‘greenery’. Although these darker shades of green are much more palatable than the Pantone version. I’m especially loving the look of dark green bedding and velvety textures for winter. Move over millennial pink, it’s all about forest green right now. Click on the images or links below for my picks for forest green decor.

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A Look At AURate’s New Collection

Lately I’ve been trying to seek out brands with more responsible business models. It’s not always easy and they can be few and far between but when you do come across one it’s always worth it. I was recently introduced to¬†AUrate New York¬†and my interest was quickly piqued. Not only do they create quality fine jewellery but they also have a focus on sustainable and ethical production, transparent pricing, and tangible giving. AUrate’s newest collection is all about classic, understated style and I was instantly drawn to these minimalist hoop earrings. Despite not being an ‘earring person’ for most of my life I am¬†all about the earrings lately. Luckily for me they also have a whole bunch of other types of earrings on their website as well as some gorgeous pearl jewellery (my birth stone – June baby here!) and geometric-inspired designs. What kind of jewellery are you loving lately?[Images supplied, edits by me]